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A Wellness Spa for...


*General Wellness

*Oncology/Acute Care and Chronic Pain

*Adult Athletes


*Pre-Post Natal

*Teen/Young Adults

*Corporate Wellness

*School Wellness

*Relationship Challenges


*Middle Age



*Emotional Trauma

321 Bridge Street

Phoenixville PA 




Mindful Body and Soul has services and treatments that focus on Replenishing, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Restoring, Refocusing and Rebalancing our clientsLet us facilitate this powerful experience by offering you an environment with a soothing ambiance.  The tranquil sounds of our healing music and our waterfall will ease you into the present moment and allow for a connection with your inner self.  We believe that serenity and repose are ingredients for happiness.

 Why Choose Mindful Body & Soul?  We have a highly skilled, professional wellness staff that is able to work with a multitude of clients.  Our friendly and informative approach to service is the trademark of Mindful Body and Soul.

Contact us to find out how we can facilitate a powerful healing experience for you at 610-933-6563 or info@mindfulbodyandsoul.com.


When your mind, body and soul are in communication, that's when you will experience ultimate transformation.  Call 610-933-6563 or email us at info@mindfulbodyandsoul.com to schedule a class or service.


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